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Quote of the Day – Will Rogers

“There is no more independence in politics than there is in jail.” - Will Rogers

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Glenn Beck: ‘The GOP Is Done…And It’s A Good Thing

Glenn Beck explains why the GOP trying to ‘expand it’s tent’ won’t work since the Republican Party has abandoned its principles. This is why I am a Conservative/Libertarian first and foremost. Continue reading

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Fiscal Cliff, Oh Noes!! (Video)

Great new video from the always awesome Steven Crowder asking folks on the street about the fiscal cliff. Continue reading

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Democrats Call for Capping or Banning Profits (Video)

The great Libertarian Peter Schiff traveled to the 2012 Democratic Convention to confirm what we Conservatives know – modern day Democrats are Communists. You see, someone needs to generate wealth before the Government can confiscate and redistribute it.

Democrats just don’t get it. Continue reading

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