Jim Webb is Right: Democrats Prefer Socialists to War Heroes

Here's a great read on how Jim Webb, a decorated war hero, is getting pushed out by a political party that favors many of the policies espoused by those Webb fought against in Vietnam.

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Breaking: Joe ‘Plugs’ Biden to Run for President

Vice President Joe Biden will enter the presidential race, according to media reports filed on Monday.

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Will Al Gore Run for President in 2016?

A look at how social media spreads rumors that news outlets take at face value before checking sources. Here's a look at the recent Al Gore for president in 2016 rumor.

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Quote of the Day – Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford said: "A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have."

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President Reagan Speaks on Flag Day and Father’s Day (Video)

This is one of my favorite speeches by President Reagan. Enjoy and Happy Father's Day!

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Quote of the Day – President Ronald Reagan

"I also believe this blessed land was set apart in a very special way, a country created by men and women who came here not in search of gold, but in search of God. They would be free people, living under the law with faith in their Maker and their future. Sometimes, it seems we've strayed from that noble beginning, from our conviction that standards of right and wrong do exist and must be lived up to." - President Ronald Reagan

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Happy 102nd Birthday President Ronald Reagan!

One of my favorite Reagan quotes is: "All great change in America begins at the dinner table." Related articles 102nd Year of Ronald Reagan's Birth (goodolewoody.wordpress.com) Where the Reagan Way began (video) (illinoisreview.typepad.com) 10 interesting facts on President Ronald Reagan's birthday (constitutioncenter.org) Happy Reagan Day (breitbart.com) Ronald Reagan Birthday: 9 Facts About The 40th President [...]

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