William Shatner Gets Autotuned Over Deep Fried Turkeys (Video)

Via Mashable, titled 'Eat, Fry, Love,' a pretty cool look at the dangers of deep frying a turkey. In 2011, William Shatner starred in a public service announcement created by State Farm Insurance to raise awareness of the dangers of deep frying turkey. In this year’s version, State Farm commissioned John Boswell to remix the [...]

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Obama’s Thanksgiving PSA w/ NFL (Video)

If you're like me, you'll be watching a bit of football on Thanksgiving. If you do, you'll probably see quite a bit of this PSA from the NFL and President Obama (nice throw Drew Brees!) on volunteerism and exercise. I wonder if SEIU's Andy Stern gave his approval for using the kids in the video.

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A Washington Redskins PSA (Video)

Local comedian and avid Washington Redskins fan, Danny Rouhier, brings the fan base a Week 7 Redskins PSA... from the heart.

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