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All posts tagged referees

11-year-old boy convinced NFL to use pink penalty flags this week

Bringing awareness to the fight against breast cancer is certainly a noble cause, and I think it’s great that the NFL is raising millions for the cause. Watching a month’s worth of pink sneakers, pink towels, pink towels, and pink gloves is enough though. Now we’re going to get pink penalty flags every October? Related articles N.J. Boy Convinces NFL To Turn Penalty Flags Pink For Jets Game NFL to Read More...

Welcome Back NFL Referees! (Video)

The NFL & NFLRA have reached an agreement which the league confirms. This news can’t come soon enough. Via Pro Football Talk The NFL and the NFLRA are in simultaneous possession of a new labor deal. The league and the officials’ union have announced that a new collective bargaining agreement has been reached, and that the regular officials will return for Thursday night’s game between the Browns and the Ravens. Read More...