Ron Paul’s Farewell Speech To Congress (Video)

A terrific speech from the Conservative Congressman from Texas. Well worth a listen. Transcript available at this link.

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Is Chuck Todd An Animal House Fan? (Video)

Via WFB, part of me thinks he needs a history lesson, the rest thinks when referring to Ron Paul supporters that saying 'Nobody said it was over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor' was probably a blatant Animal House reference.

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Ron Paul Vs. Paul Krugman On Monetary Policy (Video)

From Monday, it was Paul versus Paul on inflation, government spending and the role of the FED on Bloomberg TV. Dr. Paul kicked his can here. Mr. Krugman completely distorts the cause of the Great Depression in the debate and also says the post World War II economy was best ever. This is two examples of [...]

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Was Ron Paul The Real Winner Of The Iowa Caucus?

More and more everyday, it seems as there will be a brokered GOP convention in Tampa. Business Insider reports: Ron Paul may have officially come in third in tonight’s Iowa caucuses, but if his organizational strategy went off as planned, it is possible that the Texas Congressman is actually the real winner of the state’s [...]

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New Jon Huntsman Ad: ‘The Ron Paul Chronicles’ (Video)

The Jon Huntsman campaign is out with a web ad showing Ron Paul’s true colors. The ad is called 'The Ron Paul Chronicles.'

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