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How NORAD Started Tracking Santa Claus

All because a retail chain published a wrong number where kids could call Santa. Click the link in the title to read about the story at GMA News. Related articles As NORAD Tracks Santa, critics track NORAD – Houston Chronicle (psyntax.wordpress.com) Typo Starts Tradition of Military Tracking Santa Claus (garridon.wordpress.com) Stand down, NORAD; Santa’s untouchable […]

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Barbara Walters & Sherri Shepard Don’t Know The Real Story of Santa Claus (Video)

Via GP, on today’s edition of The View, Sherri Shepard thinks Santa Claus should be black. Barbara Walters ponders whether or not Santa Claus was a woman. This nonsense from reality challenged Liberals like Ms. Walters & Ms. Shepard completely ignores the fact that Santa Claus (a.k.a. Saint Nicholas) was a fourth century Christian Greek […]

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