Sam Got to Meet Santa Claus (Again)

Sam was lucky to catch Santa & Mrs. Claus in Old Town Alexandria's Market Square on Friday night. I wonder what he asked for?

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Cartoon of the Day – The GOP’s Wish For Christmas

Michael Ramirez, the Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist from Investor’s Business Daily shows what the GOP asked Santa Claus for Christmas in advance of the 2014 mid-term elections. IMHO, he NAILS it here. What do you think?

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How NORAD Started Tracking Santa Claus

All because a retail chain published a wrong number where kids could call Santa. Click the link in the title to read about the story at GMA News. Related articles As NORAD Tracks Santa, critics track NORAD - Houston Chronicle ( Typo Starts Tradition of Military Tracking Santa Claus ( Stand down, NORAD; Santa's untouchable [...]

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Barbara Walters & Sherri Shepard Don’t Know The Real Story of Santa Claus (Video)

Via GP, on today’s edition of The View, Sherri Shepard thinks Santa Claus should be black. Barbara Walters ponders whether or not Santa Claus was a woman. This nonsense from reality challenged Liberals like Ms. Walters & Ms. Shepard completely ignores the fact that Santa Claus (a.k.a. Saint Nicholas) was a fourth century Christian Greek Saint. Oh well, at least neither said the Bishop of Myra should be depicted as a penguin. […]

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Santa Claus Doesn’t Know What Torque Is? (Video)

The Ford 'Dream Big' commercials airing now just make me giggle. My favorite is this one (see above) for the Ford Super Duty. What's yours?

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Watch This WestJet Christmas Miracle – 2013 Edition (Video)

Well done WestJet! Way to spread some Christmas cheer! WestJet will donate flights if the video receives at least 200,000 YouTube views. So watch it today!

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Santa Claus Visits Congress (Video)

Great new video from the folks at Bankrupting America as they check in with Santa Clause who was in D.C. recently and asked him how his business was fairing during these uncertain economic times.

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