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Fiscal Cliff, Oh Noes!! (Video)

Great new video from the always awesome Steven Crowder as folks on the street realize they are secretly Republicans. Enjoy. Related articles Boehner: No progress in fiscal cliff talks (news.yahoo.com) Boehner: No progress in fiscal cliff talks (kansascity.com) US ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Talks Stall in Washington (voatibetanenglish.com) Mr. Burns Explains The Fiscal Cliff (lezgetreal.com) Boehner: ‘No progress’ toward resolving fiscal cliff (firstread.nbcnews.com)

Steven Crowder in a CSI: Christmas (Video)

Steven Crowder and the folks over at PJTV have released a new video which is a spoof on CSI: Miami. It seems a serial killer has been going around killing off Santa Clauses in an effort to kill Christmas. Will Steven (doing his best David Caruso impersonation) save Christmas? Also, consider subscribing to Pajamas Media to get great Conservative content. You can find out more about PJTV’s subscriptions at this Read More...