Bernie Sanders Proposes $15T in New Tax Increases

You didn't think Senator Bernie Sanders was going to give out all the free sh@t he has proposed without paying for it did you? You and I will be paying for it indeed...

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Video: Milton Friedman on Taxes, Minimum Wage, and More

In the video above, Milton Friedman discusses the fallacy of doing good with other people’s money. He also explains how that means that the welfare state at its core is a philosophy of violence and coercion.

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Bernie Sanders Admits He’d Raise Taxes on ALL Americans

Bernie Sanders talks a good game about taking on the rich but, with $18 Trillion in NEW spending proposed, where's the money going to come from? That's right, you and I

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How Government Punishes Success – Phil Mickelson Edition

So Phil Mickelson wins two tournaments in a row. What does Government do to him? They punish his success with taxes. Click this link to read the story from CBS Los Angeles. Wow.

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Obama & Congress Stick It To Low Wage Earners In Fiscal Cliff Deal

Essentially, if you make less than $30K a year, you took a bigger hit from the recent fiscal cliff deal than those making over $500K a year.

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We’re Gonna Collapse Under Obama’s Tax Plan

I heard this on Mark Levin's radio program last night and he is 150% right. Thankfully grabbed the relevant portion of the show.

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Why I am Glad I Don’t Live In Maryland

See the lengthy list of fees and taxes a Maryland woman has to pay. Amazing. Click this link to view it.

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