What Happens When Conan O’Brien, Ice Cube & Kevin Hart Get a Lyft? (Video)

In the video above, Conan, Ice Cube and Kevin Hart filmed their experience sharing a ride in LA using Lyft (“Your Friend with a Car”), the new iPhone and Android ride-sharing app.

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When the Nerds Go Marching In

From The Atlantic, a must read on President Obama's tech operation, which was a dream team of engineers from Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

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Website Leaks Possible iPhone 5 Photos (Video)

A Chinese-language repair site called iLab leaked photos of what it says is the new iPhone 5. Are they real or are they fake? Newsy explains. And yes, you will need a new charger.

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Microsoft Bringing Interactive Ads To Your TV (Video)

Via Newsy, not sure what I think of this.

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Apple Unveils New Siri Updates (Video)

Siri is coming to the Apple iPad (Yes!) and to your car.

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A Look At The New iOS App For Google + (Video)

Via Newsy: Sharper pictures. Crisper fonts. And a virtual stream you can swim in all day long. That's what Google says it’s offering in its latest Google+ iOS app — with a big focus on fullscreen visuals and slick transitions.

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Washington Post Social Reader Users Quitting In Droves (Video)

Of the top 25 newspapers; the Washington Post suffered the biggest circulation declines. Now, their social reader app is suffering the same fate. NewsyTech explains.

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