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President Obama is heading to Texas and Missouri today to headline not one, not two, not three but four fundraisers.┬áThe trip paid for by taxpayers of course. Maybe this is why he’s given up urging Congress to pass his jobs bill now? Mark Knoller reports: @markknoller Mark Knoller Pres Obama just departed the WH via Marine One on a day trip to Texas & Missouri that also includes four more Read More...

Rick Perry, the Goveror of Texas, returns to Austin, Texas after a week out on the campaign trail. For more Rick Perry for President info, visit the campaign’s website at this link.

This is video from President Bush (Bush 43) welcoming the troops home from Iraq at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport. The photos of the event were released earlier at the Dallas/Fort Worth USO Facebook page. Exit question, has President Obama been seen welcoming home the troops in a manner like the former President? If not, why not?

Border War In Texas Too (Video)

Think it’s bad only in Arizona? An amazing story from the Nightline folks on ABC from late last week on the border war happening in Fort Hancock, TX. Crime and violence is flowing over the Mexican border into Texas (as well as Arizona, New Mexico, and California). The Federal Government does nothing to protect the border. Notice how there are NO Border Patrol agents in the story. I wonder how Read More...