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What Are Kids Thankful For? Cute Videos of Giving Thanks (Video)

Here are some really cute videos of kids giving praying and giving thanks. Check them out!

Al Michaels, Chris Collingsworth & SNF Staff Spend Day With the Redskins (Video)

Via The Redskins Blog, just in case all you thought an NFL broadcaster did on game day was go to the stadium, guess again. The day after broadcasting the Steelers/Ravens game on Thanksgiving, the Sunday Night Football crew visited Redskins Park to watch practice, hold meetings with players and coaches, and prepare for Sunday nights game. Al's gotta learn the Redskins fight song eh?

The First Hanukkah Thanksgiving (Video)

Given that in 2013 Thanksgiving and the first night of Hanukkah fall on the same day, something that hasn't happened since 1888 and won't happen again until 2070,  Jimmy Kimmel Live asked some elementary school kids to put on a play about this once in a lifetime occasion. Hope your Thanksgivukkah was fantastic. Enjoy!