Today Show Pushes For Gun Control & Misleads Viewers (Video)

Journalists should be objective and report facts, not push a particular point of view. Sadly, this is often lost at NBC’s Today Show. Maybe this is why they’ve lost so many viewers of the years? […]

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Are Matt Lauer’s Days Numbered At ‘The Today Show’?

According to the Daily Mail, the long-time host is being blamed for the NBC morning show's plummeting performance. GMA took the top spot in the morning show ratings race after Ann Curry was ousted and replaced by Savannah Guthrie. Having watched Guthrie and Lauer together, this news is not a surprise as the two just [...]

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Newt Gingrich Schools Ann Curry On Journalism (Video)

Great video of a great response by Newt Gingrinch. GOP Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich schooled NBC host Ann Curry this morning on the media’s obsession with Herman Cain’s alledged 'anonymous' incidents. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy “…when the news media goes and finds an anonymous report about an anonymous [...]

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OctoMom And Her Kids On The Today Show – What Could Go Wrong? (Video)

Mayhem baby, mayhem... for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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