Report: Tom Brady to be Suspended Over #DeflateGate

The NFL's Wells Report implicated Tom Brady on DeflateGate. Now the question is, how long will Tom Brady be suspended?

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Jon Stewart Skewers Tom Brady Over #DeflateGate

Jon Stewart got pretty emotional last night on The Daily Show when speaking about the Wells Report implicating Tom Brady on DeflateGate. This is really good.

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SNL Cold Open Blisters Belichick/Brady #DeflateGate

Saturday Night Live (SNL) opened this week’s show last night with a hilarious in-depth look at #DeflateGate. Enjoy!

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Has the Tom Brady Decline Begun?

K.C. Joyner at ESPN provides some compelling evidence. With the type of offense the Patriots run, I'm not buying it. Click this link to read it (subscription required).

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Second Super Bowl Loss Hurts Brady’s, Belichick’s Legacies

Great read at on what last night's loss means to Tom Brady and his Coach Bill Belichick. Read this impressive column from Mike Freeman.

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