George Mason University Students Challenged on SCOTUS Knowledge

Via MRC TV, these students faired better than these GMU students who were severely politically challenged. In this video, MRC's Dan Joseph wanted to find out what George Mason University students knew about the nation's highest court.

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Christmas Eve 1955 was MUCH Warmer Than 2015

The media will lead you to believe that Christmas Eve 2015 is the warmest ever. This is in spite of the fact that MOST of the country will be below normal temperature on Christmas Eve in 2015.

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Quote of the Day – Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford said: "A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have."

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Congressional Budget Office: U.S. Debt Headed to 103% of GDP

The debt owed by the United States is creeping closer to Greece levels. Our kids will pay for our misdeeds.

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United States Experiencing the Coldest Summer in 100 Years

By Al Gore's count, the glaciers should have melted by now (burying the United States coasts.) But, we're getting colder instead (and the ice is growing)...

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What The Hobby Lobby Case Did NOT Do

Liberals are freaking out about the recent Hobby Lobby decision by the Supreme Court. Here's the truth about the Hobby Lobby case.

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President Reagan Speaks on Flag Day and Father’s Day (Video)

This is one of my favorite speeches by President Reagan. Enjoy and Happy Father's Day!

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