Chicago ‘Saturday in the Park’ #MusicSaturday

‘Saturday in the Park’ is a song by Chicago, produced by James William Guercio from the Chicago V (Expanded & Remastered) album. Chicago was one of the first groups I started listening to when I started listening to music in the 1970s.

Question, are there any vocalists better than Robert Lamm and Peter Cetera of Chicago?

Enjoy this LIVE version of the song!

Watch Ronald Reagan’s Thanksgiving Message to the Armed Forces

I always get asked about my fascination with Ronald Reagan. Conservatives LOVE President Reagan because he was was a terrific leader, a great communicator, and his vision for the United States was always one of optimism.

All of that is on display in this taped message from ‘The Great Communicator’ to the troops on Thanksgiving in 1986. I remember seeing this on Thanksgiving while stationed in Japan. This is really well done.

CNN Tweets Out Video Mocking President Trump

This from the network known for spreading fake news. No bias here, move along…


CNN tweeted out a video on Thursday night mocking President Donald Trump, editing clips of his press briefing earlier that day to make him look like the conductor of a symphony.

“Turn your sound up and watch President Trump conduct an amazing symphony — er, press conference,” CNN tweeted from it’s official account.

The video, reported Friday by Mediaite, shows Trump’s words being muted and music playing in the background as a way to mock him for his hand gestures when he speaks in public settings.

So Dr. Martin Luther King Endorsed Donald Trump You Say?

Via Jimmy Kimmel Live, for Monday’s edition of ‘Lie Witness News’, and in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the show went out on the street to ask people what they thought about Dr. King endorsing Donald Trump for President.

God help us if these people vote in 2016.

(H/T IJ Review)