The Real Meaning of the Fourth of July (Video)

Via the Ayn Rand Institute, traditionally, the Fourth of July is a day for fireworks and cookouts. But we should take the time to also appreciate the deeper meaning of Independence Day.

The founding of the United States of America was an unprecedented achievement of enormous moral and practical significance. America was the first and only nation founded on the idea that your life belongs, not to a king, or to the pope, or to the state, but to you, to pursue your values, your happiness. The Founders believed it was the government’s job to protect this right. On July 4, we celebrate the Founders’ vision of the sovereign individual who is free to live by his own independent judgment and to pursue his own life and happiness.

Immigrants Have Always Made America Great (Video)

This Independence Day, a new video has been released from the Conservative pro-immigration group Becoming American Initiative which reflects on the immigrants that have always made America great. The video uses excerpts from Ronald Reagan’s Labor Day 1980 speech at Liberty State Park.

The Becoming American Initiative exists to counter the popular misconceptions about immigrants, both documented and undocumented, and provide evidence of their positive contributions to American society and the economy.

These College Students Are NOT Proud to be American (Video)

With a new Gallup poll out showing a stark decrease in the number of young Americans who consider themselves proud to be American, Cabot Phillips from Campus Reform visited college students in New York who had mixed reactions when asked about their pride in America, with many admitting they were not proud.

Our kids future is stark for sure if Liberal colleges are turning out students like this.

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Students Hate Trump Sending Troops to the Border (Video)

Via Campus Reform, Cabot Phillips visited UC-Santa Barbara to find out if students like the plan by President Trump to send troops to the border. They hate the plan until they find out President Obama did the same thing (3 years earlier).

Last week, President Trump announced a plan to deploy troops from the National Guard to the southern border in an attempt to stop the influx of illegal activity in the region.

Critics of the move were vocal in their condemnations, claiming it was excessive and subtly racist in nature.

“It’s not justified…it’s a totally uncalled for act of power.”

The decision, while controversial, is not without precedent, as Presidents Obama and Bush each enacted similar measures during their times in office. […]

Students immediately made clear that they would not support any measure that would send troops to protect the border.

One opened by saying “It’s not justified…it’s a totally uncalled for act of power,” while another remarked that “I don’t think it’s good to send militarized troops to people who are coming in unarmed.”

One student said bluntly, “I’m not a huge fan of the military to begin with…I think it would be a huge waste of money.”

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