Washington Redskins Fans Chant ‘You Like That!!??’

This 'You Like That!!??' chant was a LOT louder at FedEx Field today at the Buffalo Bills vs Washington Redskins game than what is shown here.

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Why Can’t the Washington Redskins Win on the Road in 2015?

As Rich Tandler notes at the link above, the answer is really quite simple. The Washington Redskins have played better opponents on the road than at home. Click the link in the title to read Rich's post.

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This is a Different Washington Redskins Team in 2015

Tom Boswell with another great read at The Washington Post on how the Washington Redskins are slowly but surely getting rid of the ghosts of seasons past. (Read More...)

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Remembering Sean Taylor (Video)

On the 8th anniversary of Sean Taylor's death, here is a video of the brilliant but short career of the Redskins star safety who was gunned down in his home.

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California Becomes First State to Ban ‘Redskins’ Team Nickname

California governor Jerry Brown signed into law on Sunday a provision banning schools from using the term “Redskins” as a team name or logo.

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Kirk Cousins is Going to be Fine After Loss to Atlanta Falcons

Washington Redskins QB Kirk Cousins put a lot of the blame on himself for yesterday's bitter defeat to the Atlanta Falcons. Exactly what an NFL QB should do.

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Jim Rome Goes Off on Robert Griffin III Over Latest Social Media Snafu

Jim Rome goes after Robert Griffin III blaming an intern for his latest social media firestorm.

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