Seinfeld and Obama Drive a Stingray and Get Some Coffee

President Obama joined Jerry Seinfeld for the seventh season premiere of his web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

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Why George W. Bush Never Left Washington Until After Christmas

Like many Americans, U.S. presidents often take time off around the holidays. Say what you will about Bush 43, this story is pretty awesome.

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Tweet of the Day: Jake Tapper on Star Wars at the White House

CNN's Jake Tapper weighs in with an epic tweet on Stars Wars characters at the White House today.

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Joe Biden – The Hands-On Vice President

Here's a classic compilation of Vice President Joe Biden being touchy-feely with an assortment of women and children.

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Why Won’t The Federal Government Enforce Existing Gun Laws?

Vice President Joe Biden recently told the NRA that the Federal Government 'doesn't have the time' to enforce existing gun laws (something the NRA has proposed) and instead is pushing ahead with creating new ones. Considering gun prosecutions under the Obama administration are down 45%, shouldn't Congress and the President focus on that?

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Inauguration Planners Launching Social Media Presence

The social media presence was inevitable and is a very smart move by planners. Via Roll Call It won’t be for another few weeks until Americans know which candidate will be sworn in to the White House in January, but planning for the 57th presidential inauguration is already well under way. And with just about [...]

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White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer Gets Busted For Lying

Link: White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer Gets Busted For Lying Mr. Pfeiffer's rant on about the Winston Churchill bust started from this Charles Krauthammer column. So, in other words, Mr. Pfeiffer is no Toby Ziegler.

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