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William Shatner Gets Autotuned Over Deep Fried Turkeys (Video)

Via Mashable, titled ‘Eat, Fry, Love,’ a pretty cool look at the dangers of deep frying a turkey. In 2011, William Shatner starred in a public service announcement created by State Farm Insurance to raise awareness of the dangers of deep frying turkey. In this year’s version, State Farm commissioned John Boswell to remix the video with Shatner singing in an autotuned melody “deep-fried turkey, I want a moister, tastier Read more...

Sarah Palin Returns The Favor To William Shatner (Video)

Sarah Palin, at the end of her 36 city bus tour to promote her book Going Rogue, appeared on the Tonight Show tonight in an opening skit with William Shatner. You may remember that Shatner this summer, the ‘master thespian’ that he is,  famously read some of Sarah Palin’s tweets from Twitter set to bongos which was hysterically funny. Now this time, six (6) months later, it was Sarah Palin’s Read more...