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14 Weeks, 98 Days: Remember November (Video)

A fantastic new ad from the Republican Governors Association.

New Energy Tax Hurts Americans – Bails Out BP

Liberals in Congress are currently working to slap massive new tax increases on American energy producers and consumers at a time when our nation’s economy can least afford them. But that’s not all…

The new energy taxes being schemed up by Congressional liberals will actually have the effect of subsidizing the operations of BP and other foreign-based corporations like Hugo Chavez’s state-run oil company!

That’s right. If proponents of these energy tax increases get their way, foreign-owned corporations will be handed a competitive advantage over American employers by our very own politicians in Washington.

Read more at this link.

Chris Wallace Smacks Down Howard Dean (Video)

Was the whole Shirley Sherrod fiasco a setup by the state-run media? The lefty nut jobs like Howard ‘Dr. Demented’ Dean think Fox News is to blame. These are bogus charges, something the lefty nut jobs and the state-run media will not admit, until they are confronted by the facts as Chris Wallace does to Dr. Howard Dean on Fox News Sunday.


Senator Jim Webb: A Racist?

In the midst of a highly-charged racial political atmosphere we have today, this I have to say is a pretty brave opinion piece for a Democrat to write:

The NAACP believes the tea party is racist. The tea party believes the NAACP is racist. And Pat Buchanan got into trouble recently by pointing out that if Elena Kagan is confirmed to the Supreme Court, there will not be a single Protestant Justice, although Protestants make up half the U.S. population and dominated the court for generations.

Forty years ago, as the United States experienced the civil rights movement, the supposed monolith of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant dominance served as the whipping post for almost every debate about power and status in America. After a full generation of such debate, WASP elites have fallen by the wayside and a plethora of government-enforced diversity policies have marginalized many white workers. The time has come to cease the false arguments and allow every American the benefit of a fair chance at the future.

I have dedicated my political career to bringing fairness to America’s economic system and to our work force, regardless of what people look like or where they may worship. Unfortunately, present-day diversity programs work against that notion, having expanded so far beyond their original purpose that they now favor anyone who does not happen to be white.

In an odd historical twist that all Americans see but few can understand, many programs allow recently arrived immigrants to move ahead of similarly situated whites whose families have been in the country for generations. These programs have damaged racial harmony. And the more they have grown, the less they have actually helped African-Americans, the intended beneficiaries of affirmative action as it was originally conceived.

Senator Webb is absolutely correct. Now, the leftist nut jobs are starting to point out they believe Senator Webb is a racist. Exit question, why is it that Dems ALWAYS play the race card?

Meet Christine O’Donnell (Video)

Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell is running against Rep. Mike Castle for the US Senate in Delaware. Congressman Mike Castle has refused to debate conservative O’Donnell. She is a tea party favorite and has been endorsed by the Great One, Mark Levin.

Christine is polling ahead of her democratic opponent in the latest Rasmussen poll.

Jim Hoft over at Gateway Pundit caught up with the Senate candidate at this year’s Right Online Conference.

Wake up Delaware! Christine O’Donnell is smart, conservative, and just the type of Senator Delaware needs representing them in the U.S. Senate.

Charlie Rangel Berates Luke Russert (Video)

This looks awfully familiar. Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) is in trouble for ethics charges. He spoke to reporters about it, but didn’t like a question from MSNBC’s Luke Russert.

Reason’s Porker Of The Month (Video)

Didn’t Nancy Pelosi say she’d run the most ‘ethical’ Congress ev-ah? Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur obviously didn’t get the message.

Reason.tv partnered with Citizens Against Government Waste to present the Porker of the Month for July 2010: Rep. Marcy Kaptur!

Back in March, the House Appropriations Committee banned members of Congress from awarding earmarks to for-profit companies.

Kaptur publicly praised the new ban, but privately she taught corporations (including one of her biggest campaign contributors) how to get around it, thus ensuring that their steady diet of taxpayer-supplied pork would continue.

For more info on Citizens Against Government Waste and the Porker of The Month, visit cagw.org.