, an national deficit advocacy site run by a former GOP hill staffer, has paid for ad space around Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport to get the attention of incoming GOP freshmen. This is a fantastic idea.

The Daily Caller reports:

Signs asking freshman members of Congress to keep their promises to cut spending are among the first things newly elected reps will see at Reagan National Airport as they make their way to Washington to start the 112th Congress.

The messages in the baggage-claim area and in other locations around the airport written in bold red type say things like: “Congratulations on your election victory. Now cut some spending.”; “Dear new member of Congress, we know you just got here, but have you cut some spending yet?”; and “Remember your campaign promise to cut spending? We do. Keep your promise.”

Let’s hope the new GOP Congressmen and women don’t lose their way like the GOP did starting in the late 90’s. To learn more about Bankrupting America, visit this link.

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