Jonathan Martin’s ‘Macaca’ Moment (Video)

Via Newsbusters, Jonathan Martin of Politico told Chuck Todd on MSNBC MSDNC:

I think the other reason why north Florida is going to be fascinating to watch tonight is because it’s going to give us a sense of what’s ahead in March, when this primary does move to the deep south states. As you know, Chuck, a lot of those counties in the panhandle, in north Florida, the “cracker counties” more resemble Georgia and Alabama than they do Florida.

You can bet Mr. Martin’s friends will cover for him and you probably won’t see many (if any) references to it on the nightly news. Rush Limbaugh pointed out this shows exactly how biased the media is.

Rush said today:

Okay, cracker counties.  Now, I remember a guy named George Allen who the Washington Post ran out of politics because he called a provocateur from the enemy camp at a press conference “Macaca,” which, if you go to the Oxford English dictionary you cannot find Macaca.  It ain’t there.  Nobody knows what it means, so it was free to be defined by the left, and they defined it as a racial slur, and George Allen was histoire.  But “cracker” is in the Oxford English dictionary, and the way it’s defined is this:  “A contemptuous name given in southern States of N. America to the poor whites; whence, familiarly, to the native whites of Georgia and Florida.”

Video Of The Day: Garrett McNamara Surfs 90 Foot Wave

In a word ‘Holy Cow!’ Okay that’s two words as you can see the awesome Garrett McNamara surfing a 90 foot wave.


(H/T Ted’s Take)

Congratulations: You Now Owe $189,000 To The Government

The Tea Party and Conservative Republicans in Congress would like to reduce that number but, they’re extremists eh? They want to reform Medicare and Social Security but, the Democrats falsely claim that Republicans want ‘kill Grandma.’

In return, each man, woman and child now owes $189,000 in national debt and entitlements thanks to big Government Repewbics and Liberals.


Great Read: Rick Santorum Blisters Obama’s Radical Islam Policy

Rick Santorum, candidate for President, has a brilliant op-ed out today titled ‘No More Leading From Behind.’

It’s a great read.

Senator Santorum writes:

Much like Ronald Reagan called out for freedom in the symbolic heart of communism, I will call upon the Muslim world to tear down the walls of oppression that oppose freedom of conscience and religion, equality of women, the security of Israel and support violence and Jihadism, which inverts the concept of martyrdom from one who dies for his or her faith to one who kills for his or her faith. I will not coddle those who want to kill and destroy. I will seek peace with those who treasure freedom for all.


Christianity struggled with these issues of freedom of conscience and violence largely hundreds of years ago; Islam is struggling with them now. We will stand with the true advocates of freedom who define freedom not just by a ballot box, but also by meaningful protections for minorities. This is the message of freedom that should be proclaimed and practiced from Cairo to Tehran. This is consistent with universal human dignity, our values and our national security interests.


Informed Americans are opposed to those who want to kill and destroy, not to those who want to make peace and treasure freedom for all. I supported America’s security and freeing Muslims and others from oppression in Iraq and Afghanistan. I stood for the Green Movement in Iran when President Obama sat down. I support freedom of religion – for Muslims and other religious minorities – but believe they should provide the same.


I also understand that at this time in history many of the most influential voices in the Muslim world come from intolerant and destructive strains of Sunni and Shia leadership and theology in places such as Saudi Arabia and Iran. Days before the election in 2006, I was still challenging America to stand against radical Islam and Iran at the height of unpopularity of the Iraq war not because of polling but because I felt it was the primary threat facing America. It’s no accident that the vast majority of the 9/11 hijackers came from Saudi Arabia, and that the Iranian regime exports anti-American and anti-Israeli terrorism around the world while pursuing nuclear weapons capacity. Radical Islamists oppose us not because of our policies, but because of our freedom.

Read the rest at this link.

Liberal Editor Gets Owned By Joe Scarborough (Video)

Via Newsbusters, is Joe Scarborough finding his gonads in time for the 2012 election? He scolds John Heilemann for going ape about Mitt Romney paying a 14% tax rate and not even bringing up John Kerry’s 13% tax rate in 2004.

Great post at Godfather Politics on just who Saul Alinsky is since Newt Gingrich is bringing him up on the campaign trail and why the media is lying to you about him.

Spend a few minutes to learn more about Saul Alinsky and his ties to prominent modern day Democrats.