David Axelrod Channels His Inner Col. Nathan Jessup As He’s Heckled In Boston (Video)

President Obama’s chief campaign strategist David Axelrod, the Meyer Lanskey of the Obama campaign, got a less than warm welcome at an appearance in Boston, Massachusetts today.


Obama senior adviser David Axelrod was met with protests from Romney supporters at a press event in Massachusetts today. A frustrated Axelrod, who was shouted down, tells the protesters “they can’t handle the truth.”

After his brief remarks, Axelrod asked for questions from the press but was met with more banter from Romney protesters with slogans like “where are the jobs?”

“You can’t handle the truth, my friends. That’s the problem. You can handle the truth, you quiet down,” Axelrod said.

At first listen, I could sweat Mr. Axelrod says ‘Taxachussets’ at the beginning of the video.

New Mitt Romney Ad: ‘The Promise Of America’ (Video)

Via Freedom’s Lighthouse, this new ad titled ‘The Promise of America’ from the Mitt Romney campaign is almost as good as this Ronald Reagan ad from the 80s.

U.S. Soldier Gives Family Surprise Homecoming At Atlanta Braves Game (Video)

Via The Right Newz, U.S. Army Master Sergeant David Sims surprises his family during a recent Atlanta Braves game at Turner Field. I just love videos of homecomings like these. Well done soldier and thank you for your service.

Six-Year-Old to Compete in National Spelling Bee (Video)

Via Newsy, six-year-old Lori Anne Madison to be the youngest ever competitor in the Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Go Lori Anne!


I spent part of Memorial Day this year pausing to reflect on some of the dead from the Civil War who are buried nearby in the Alexandria National Cemetery, one of the oldest national cemeteries in the nation.

Stories From The Obama Economy (Video)

Via the Mitt Romney campaign, these are stories from the Obama economy. By attacking Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital work, President Obama is attempting to distract from his failed record. However, the American people remember.

Sam Having Fun In The Park

Sam having fun in the park

We were out in the local parks this weekend. At the last one as I was trying to get him out the gate, he said ‘Daddy, It’s really HOT out here but, 5 more minutes please.’