Buccaneers Sign Paralyzed College Player

Classy move by Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano and the organization. Big thumbs up for this.

Via Pro Football Talk:

A statement released by the Buccaneers on Wednesday about the signing of an undrafted rookie began the same way most of them do.

There were stats and notes about the young man’s playing career, but Eric LeGrand isn’t your usual undrafted free agent so things took a different turn at the end of the first paragraph. While playing for Rutgers in 2010, the defensive tackle suffered a serious spinal cord injury in a game against Army and was paralyzed as a result.

LeGrand’s story is well known and he has made stunning progress since his injury. He began breathing on his own faster than expected, he’s been able to stand with assistance and he led the Scarlet Knights onto the field for a game last season. He’ll never play a down for the Buccaneers, of course, but Greg Schiano, who coached LeGrand at Rutgers, explained the reason for the move.

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