On Mother’s Day, I am reminded of a great & beautiful story I once heard.

While serving the poor in Calcutta, Mother Teresa once found a young boy on the streets and brought him back to Shishu Bhavan—one of the homes she established for impoverished and disabled children. There, the boy was given food and clean clothes—but he ran away! The next day, again the boy was brought back to Shishu Bhavan, and again he ran away. Three times, the boy ran away, until on the third day, one of the Sisters followed him.

“Why do you keep running away from home?” the Sister asked when she caught up to him. The boy pointed to a tree, under which a woman was standing, cooking a simple meal of food she had found in the garbage. “But this is home,” he said, “This is where my mother is.”

On Mother’s day, I want to wish
Happy Mother’s Day to my wonderful wife;
My friend, my love, a terrific mom,
You bring so much happiness into my life.

Karl Fuchs

Happy Mother’s Day to my wife, my Mom and all the Moms out there.