The Heat In On (Video)

In honor of today’s heat in Alexandria, Virginia here’s Glenn Frey’s music video of The Heat Is On.

In Victory For Free Speech, Judge Rules In Aaron Walker’s Favor

If you haven’t been following the Brett Kimberlin saga online, shame on you. Good people have been harassed and forced to leave their homes because of the convicted Speedway Bomber Brett Kimberlin. If you have been following the Brett Kimberlin story, blogger Aaron Walker was ordered by a judge to stop writing about Brett Kimberlin, the convicted Speedway Bomber, or he’d be in violation of a ‘peace order’ (WTH is that?).

Robert Stacy McCain, at The Other McCain, posts that at a hearing this morning on Walker’s emergency motion that the judge ruled in Walker’s favor to overturn said ‘peace order’.

This is good news.

Link: Happy Birthday Commonwealth of Virginia!

Bearing Drift notes that on this date 224 years ago, the Commonwealth of Virginia ratified the U.S. Constitution thereby making the Commonwealth one of the states in the new United States of America.

Outrage Over New iPhone 5 Charger Change (Video)

Via Newsy, looks like the new charger will render many iPhone accessories obsolete. Some Apple fans are upset.

Siri Improvements In iOS 6 (Video)

LOVE Siri on the iPhone (and now iPad). Apple Fan Site goes over the improvements that have been made to Siri. The improvements include local search, Sports, Twitter & Facebook updates.

Mitt Romney’s New Virginia Ad: First 100 Days (Video)

National Journal reports that the Mitt Romney campaign has released several targeted ads for important battleground states like Virginia. This one takes a look at what the former Governor would do in his first 100 days.