Great Halloween Windows Along King Street in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

Great Halloween window at K Aubrey Flowers located in Old Town Alexandria, Virginia

I miss the visits to the Halloween and Christmas windows at the old Garfinkel’s & Woodward & Lothrop stores in D.C. Thankfully, we have some awesome shops in Old Town Alexandria bringing the tradition back.


Newsbusted (Video)

NewsBusted is a fake news show kind of like the Weekend Update segment on “Saturday Night Live” or the “The Daily Show“. As usual, Jodie Miller zings political one-liners like no one else. Visit ‪‬ for more information.

Happy 25th Birthday Star Trek: The Next Generation (Video)

Radio Times has a look back at some of the finer moments of Star Trek The Next Generation.

Congrats Bo Porter!

Nationals third base coach Bo Porter was hired as Manager of the Houston Astros. Well deserved.

A couple of questions – How much #natitude will he take to Houston with him? Will the Astro’s now have ‘Astrotude?’

Saturday Night Live Mocks Obama (Video)

Good to see them giving equal bashing to the candidates.

Mediaite sums up last night’s cold open

In the second installment of SNL’s special Thursday night shows, Jay Pharaoh’s President Obama got a chance to speak to a big crowd of supporters in Ohio, with his tradition of rolling up his sleeves “like a weatherman on Friday.” Obama took questions from the crowd, and although the people in the audience complained about their current economic situation, the president spun all of them as truly American success stories.

Obama was awkwardly confronted by a woman who doesn’t like Romney, but kind of expected more in the past four years. The president said that real change takes time, so it’s possible he “might be long dead” before anything actually changes. Obama was bullish about the economy, paraphrasing The Sixth Sense to say “I see employed people.”

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