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Last week, in game 1 against the vaunted New Orleans Saints passing attack, the main key to the game was patience on both sides of the ball. Save for one breakdown on special teams, I thought the Redskins played well in all facets of the game.

This week against the St. Louis Rams, a team that has given Mike Shanahan and the Redskins trouble over the last few years, the main key will be game management.

When the Redskins have the ball…

  1. Run the ball. While the Redskins ran the ball a lot against the Saints in order to eat the clock, the Redskins will need to be more successful between the tackles against the Rams. Far too often between RT Tyler Polumbus & LT Trent Williams, the backs could gain little yardage. The line must do better in this area this week against the Rams.
  2. Game management. Use the run to open up the pass. Some of the longest plays the Redskins had last week came off the play action. Robert Griffin III will need to continue to be smart with the football against this defense. I’m sure RGIII will get a lot of different looks today.
  3. Stay out of 3rd & long situations. Like we did against the New Orleans Saints, we must win 1st down and stay out of the 3rd & long situations.

When the Redskins are on defense…

  1. Disguise the blitz better. A lot of times watching the Redskins, you can just tell where the blitz is coming from. If I can see it on TV, imagine what the opposing QB sees. We need to get pressure on Sam Bradford.
  2. Tackle well. Steven Jackson going to break some tackles so it’s imperative to tackle well.
  3. Limit the penalties. The Redskins took far too many penalties on defense last week against the Saints.
  4. Change up Ryan Kerrigan & Brian Orakpo more. I love it when I see them line up on opposite sides. Keep the Rams offense guessing until the last possible moment.

Most importantly, HTTR!

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