Every ‘expert’ from ESPN to CBS Sports picked the Redskins to go 2-14 or 3-13 this season. In week one, I don’t think I saw one person pick the Redskins to go into the Saints house and beat them. I have told everyone of my friends that I think the Redskins will go 7-9 or 8-8 this season.

The Redskins proved me right in week one.

Taking on a Saints team in flux in week one (They have an interim interim Head Coach), Robert Griffin III threw for 320 yards and the Redskins put 40 points on the board in the Saints house. With some questionable play calling down the stretch, the Redskins held on to beat the Saints. Most importantly, they got the Saints to commit three turnovers and committed  only one themselves (blocked punt).

40-32 Redskins.

Some final thoughts…

  • The Saints committed way too many penalties. I would not have called the pass interference on Harper in the end zone but, that still left them with 11 other penalties, some of which were back breaking. Like the 12 men on the field penalty which kept the Redskins drive alive. For what it’s worth David Scott’s crew missed a lot of holding calls on the Saints. Just sayin…
  • For not having played much together all preseason, the Redskins offensive line played marvelously. They protected Griffin real well although he did take some BIG hits during the game. One area the O-line can improve is zone blocking. They couldn’t get their man on the ground which would allow the lineman to get to the second blocker.
  • Billy Cundiff was awesome. Last year, I found myself on my knees for a PAT or a FG with Gano as our kicker. Looks like that won’t happen this year. Cundiff neutralized Darren Sproles on kickoffs save for one time when Sproles brought it out to around the 40 from 9 yards deep. Will Cundiff be the Billy Cundiff of 2010? Let’s hope so.
  • The most questionable part of the Redskins was the secondary. I thought they played well with a couple of INTs and a couple of near miss INTs against the incomparable Drew Brees and the vaunted Saints passing attack. Madieu Williams played pretty well save for a blatantly illegal hit on Jimmy Graham and a couple of pass interference penalties.

It doesn’t get any easier as we go into the Rams house in week 2 to face Sam Bradford, Steven Jackson and new coach Jeff Fisher. But overall, it was a really good opening game for my beloved Redskins.


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