On The Kindle – ‘Coolidge’ By Author Amity Shlaes

Looking forward to reading Coolidge by author Amity Shlaes. You can find more of her work at this link.

Should You Go To Jail For Unlocking Your Phone? (Video)

Via Reason TV. After all, it’s not like you bought your phone.

Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us

A great read over at TIME magazine from Steven Brill on why medical bills are killing us. Click this link to read it.

Google Looking For ‘Glass’ Explorers (Video)

Google is getting ready to release its new Glass eyewear and shows new ways to operate Glass and holds a contest for a chance to buy a $1,500 prototype.

(H/T CNet)

R.I.P Jerry Buss, Lakers Owner (Video)

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Buss family on the passing of Dr. Jerry Buss. Even though I hate the Lakers with a passion, no team in sports had a better owner than Dr. Buss.

See a terrific piece from ESPN on the passing of Dr. Buss in the video above.

Fans Rejoice Over Maryland Beating Duke (Video)

Oh, how I wish I had been there. What a game.

(Video h/t WaPo)


Donald Trump Calls Beyonce A ‘National Scandal’

Good to see someone calling her out for her performance. I don’t think it rates the label of ‘national scandal’. Inappropriate is much more like it. My four-year-old son asked me during Beyonce’s performance ‘Is that how you have sex??’

Via The Daily Mail

Media mogul Donald Trump slammed Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance as ‘ridiculous’ and inappropriate.

Appearing on the ‘Howard Stern Show,’ Trump said the singer was too ‘suggestive’ for a national audience.

‘When Beyonce was thrusting her hips forward in a very suggestive manner, if someone else would have done that it would have been a national scandal,’ Trump, 66, said. ‘I thought it was ridiculous … I thought it was not appropriate.’

Beyonce’s performance was heavily praised by music critics, despite the unflattering photographs that emerged afterwards of her making particularly aggressive faces while she danced.
Trump said he thought it was strange that no one else has criticized her for her scandalous dance moves.

‘There’s been no mention of it,’ he said. ‘So obviously, it must not have been so bad. She gets a pass.’

Trump isn’t shy about making his opinions known on other celebrities and well-known personalities.

His targets in the past have included actress Kristen Stewart and Huffington Post President Arianna Huffington.