Flashback: 69 Years Ago Today – Marines Raise Flag at Iwo Jima (Video)

Watch the newsreel on the attack above and read this story from an Iwo Jima survivor who watched a group of Marines raise a small U.S. flag atop Mt. Suribachi, four days after the invasion started on February 23, 1945.

Smartest Girl Scout Ever? (Video)

Having a good business is all about location, location, location. This Girl Scout from California had a brilliant idea to sell her cookies. What a capitalist!

Via People

Girl Scout Danielle Lei knows how to think outside the box when it comes to selling cookies. The 13-year-old recently set up her cookie stand outside the Green Cross medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco, Calif. Patients bought out Lei’s supplies in 45 minutes, as reported on the dispensary’s Facebook page, requiring the girl to seek out a larger cookie supply.

(Video via WFB)

There is quite a difference between what it means to be a Republican and what it means to be a Conservative in this day and age. Erick Erickson at Red State has a post on this subject today but, this link takes you to a truly exceptional piece by Brian Schoeneman at Bearing Drift.

Maryland Considers Using the Federal Health Exchange (Video)

Question is, if Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley can’t deliver an efficient Federal Health Exchange website to the people of Maryland, how can he be a candidate for President in 2016? this is one of the few times, news like this can actually be seen as an improvement.


Four months after its launch, the Maryland Obamacare website still contains errors and glitches. The high number of website problems have prompted managers to consider shutting down some parts of the website later this year and instead using the federal health exchange to help Maryland residents enroll in the health insurance exchange.

Agency leaders have said that there are “serious IT defects” in the system and frustration that taxpayer money is being used to fund a faulty website.