The New ESPN SportsCenter Commercial With Stephen Strasburg (Video)

This commercial is not bad (LOVE seeing former ESPN 980 reporter Bram Weinstein in the video) but, I have to say I think the Alex Ovechkin/Semyan Varlamov SportsCenter commercial was better than this Stephen Strasburg one.

What say you??

Quincy, CA Cops Patrol Looking For ‘Serious’ Behavior (Video)

Via Fox45 Baltimore, in Quincy, California the cops police ‘serious’ and help the public take a break from ‘serious’ behavior.

Maurice Alexander - St. Louis Rams

You’re going to hear a lot about Michael Sam in the media but, what about the kid used to work as a janitor at the stadium where the St. Louis Rams play? Crickets… Good catch by Kevin Jackson and great story.

Via The Black Sphere

Here is the St. Louis Ram you SHOULD be hearing about, and it’s not Michael Sam. It’s the janitor at the Edward Jones Dome, home of the St. Louis Rams. Former Utah State star safety Maurice Alexander’s story is the story on which Obama should be commenting. It’s a story of redemption and showcases the American Spirit; which is why Obama is ignoring it.

Back in 2012, Alexander was sentenced to a year in jail after punching a teammate at a party. No doubt Alexander was likely an angry young man, as most young black men are. His career was derailed, as he plead guilty to a lesser charge, and the judge suspended all but 45 days of the sentence.

For his transgression, Alexander was kicked off the team and returned home to Eureka, Missouri. Alexander actually worked as a janitor as the stadium in which he had hoped he would one day play.

“I always stood at the end of that field and I just looked at it. This could be my dream spot. Look where I’m at now.” – M. Alexander

Alexander would get a second chance.

The team reinstated him in 2013. He had a stellar year at Utah State, and attended the combine, where NFL prospects show their skills.

He was selected by the Rams in the fourth round as the 110th selection.

Alexander says that his year away from football shaped him into the person he is today. But Obama and the Left aren’t telling this story. Because for them, there is a bigger story about a lesser black athlete who has overcome nothing. All Michael Sam did was announced that he is gay. Today, that’s all it takes for “stardom.”

President Ronald Reagan’s Mother’s Day Address (Video)

Today is a day to remember our mothers. In 1983, President Ronald Reagan gave this touching Mother’s Day address. Enjoy.