Better is the end of a thing than its beginning;
the patient in spirit are better than the proud in spirit.
” – Verse of the Day – Ecclesiastes 7:8

Merry Christmas to Our Family and Friends!

May God’s blessing shine down upon you and your family this holiday season. Sending love from our family to yours.

WestJet Christmas Miracle 2015: 12,000 mini miracles

WestJet – an airline known for its Christmas marketing (see this link too) – took on as its ‘Christmas Miracle’ mission in 2015 to perform 12,000 “mini miracles” in 24 hours.

WestJet’s Santa took a journey across Canada from Halifax to Vancouver, performing said miracles in the spirit of Christmas.

WestJet employee teams also hit the streets, doing good deeds in 10 different time zones from London to Hawaii. WestJet also challenged people around the world to contribute by completing their own miracles and they tweeted using #WestJetChristmas.

A Christmas Message from Carly Fiorina

Via The Right Pundit, Carly Fiorina talks about the tough times in her life and when she asked God for a sign.

The media will lead you to believe that Christmas Eve 2015 is the warmest ever. This is in spite of the fact that MOST of the country will be below normal temperature on Christmas Eve in 2015.

So what’s causing the ‘record’ warmth on the East Coast? A major shift in the jet stream thanks to a strong El Nino in 2015.

Via Real Science

Christmas Eve 1955 was much warmer. Three fourths of the country was over 60 degrees, and Ashland Kansas, Geary Oklahoma and Encinal Texas were all over 90 degrees. Fort Lauderdale was 85 degrees. All of the stations above were over 60 degrees on Christmas Eve, 1955.

Read more at this link.

Meet the 26-Year-Old Who Built a Self-Driving Car…in his Garage

Via Bloomberg, George Hotz, the first person to hack the iPhone, says he built a self-driving car in a month. Bloomberg’s Ashlee Vance went to Hotz’s home to find out about this and took his retrofitted Acura for a test-drive.