Washington Redskins Sign Junior Gallette

As a Washington fan, I am very excited about this news. I like the guy, even with his off-the-field issues, as Junior Gallette gives the Washington Redskins excellent pass rushing depth. Here’s hoping his off-the-field issues get cleaned up and we get to see him on the field this year. You can’t argue 22 sacks in last two years signed for the league minimum.

This Ted Cruz Speech on Mitch McConnell Over Ex-Im is Brilliant

Kudos to Senator Cruz here for a brilliant speech. Too often, Republicans, like Democrats, operate the federal government in secret with back-room deals. Corporatism is going to ruin this country for our kids. This is a government of ‘We the People’ not ‘We the Lobbyists’.

Here, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) criticizes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for filing an amendment to the highway funding bill to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank and preventing senators from offering additional amendments by filling the amendment tree. He calls Senator McConnell’s actions “procedural abuse” and compares his tactics to those of now-Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) when he was majority leader.

How to Solve The Donald Trump Issue – An Open Letter to GOP Candidates

A great piece at Townhall.com from S.E. Cupp. She has penned an open letter to GOP candidates which is absolutely brilliant on solving the GOP’s Donald Trump issue.

Click this link to read the piece. It is well worth a couple of minutes.

How to Destroy Your Old Cell Phone with Sen. Lindsay Graham

Everyone has an old cell phone they need to get rid of. So does Senator & GOP presidential candidate Lindsey Graham. There are many creative ways to dispose of these old devices. Here are a few. Love the golf way. Well done IJ Review, well done.

John Kerry Flip Flops on Iran Deal


During Thursday’s Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the Iran nuclear agreement, Secretary of State John Kerry said the goal of the negotiations was never to dismantle Iran’s entire nuclear program but rather to prevent them from obtaining nuclear weapons, despite saying in 2013 the “whole point” of sanctions was to get Iran to “dismantle its nuclear program.”

“When we began our negotiations, Iran had enough fissile material for 10 to 12 bombs. They had 19,000 centrifuges, up from the 163 that they had back in 2003 when the prior administration was engaged in them on this very topic,” Kerry said Thursday. “So this isn’t a question of giving them what they want. It’s a question of how do you hold their program back. How do you dismantle their weapons program? Not their whole program.

“Let’s understand what was really on the table here. We set out to dismantle their ability to be able to build a nuclear weapon, and we’ve achieved that. Nobody has ever talked about actually dismantling their entire program, because when that was being talked about, that’s when they went from 163 centrifuges to 19,000.”

In 2013, while testifying before the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Kerry said the purpose of the sanctions against the rogue regime was to “help Iran dismantle its nuclear program.”

“I don’t think any of us thought we were just imposing these sanctions for the sake of imposing them,” he said. “We did because we knew that it would hopefully help Iran dismantle its nuclear program. That was the whole point of the regime.”