CNN’s Chris Cuomo: 12-Year-Old Girls Should Be Okay Seeing Male Genitalia in Locker Room

In a now deleted tweet, CNN Host Chris Cuomo thinks 12-year-old girls have an attitude problem if they don’t ‘want to see a penis in the locker room’ or their parents are ‘intolerant’. Somehow, he didn’t see how his view is intolerant as well (see below). Being forced to watch/listen to the man each morning, I knew the man was biased but, wow, just wow.

The CNN host was lashing out at several Twitter users over the Trump administration rolling back Obama administration transgender bathroom rules in schools. President Trump wants states to decide the issue.
Mr. Cuomo obviously thinks states have no rights (they do – it’s called the 10th Amendment) and is an ‘equality issue.’ Erick Erickson at The Resurgent explains how this is another example of bigotry from Mr. Cuomo and the American Left (good read).

The Washington Redskins Remain Dysfunctional After All These Years

A new scathing column on the Washington Redskins by The Washington Post’s Jerry Brewer is a MUST read. Check it out at this link. While much has been made about Scott McCloughan’s situation lately, who’s actually still calling the shots for the team? The column is WELL worth a few minutes.

Washington Nationals 2017 Offense May Be Best Ever

The great Tom Boswell at The Washington Post breaks down the potential of the offense for the Washington Nationals in 2017. Check out his breakdown at the link above. Now, if the team can only find a closer and solid up-the-middle defense.

John McCain Bashes Trump Administration to Global Elite

Senator McCain tells Globalists Trump Administration is in Disarray

John McCain must not like American sovereignty. Is he letting petty animus get in the way of American interests?

Via WaPo

John McCain is increasingly mad as hell about President Trump. And on Friday, he went after Trump — hard.

During a speech at the Munich Security Conference in Germany, the Republican senator from Arizona delivered a pointed and striking point-by-point takedown of Trump’s worldview and brand of nationalism. McCain didn’t mention Trump’s name once, but he didn’t have to.

And even considering the two men’s up-and-down history and the terrible things Trump has said about McCain, it was a striking display from a senior leader of a party when it comes to a president of the same party.

In his speech, McCain suggested the Western world is uniquely imperiled this year — even more so than when Barack Obama was president — and proceeded to question whether it will even survive.

“In recent years, this question would invite accusations of hyperbole and alarmism; not this year,” McCain said. “If ever there were a time to treat this question with a deadly seriousness, it is now.”

Read more at this link.

Cartoon of the Day: Media Melts Down Over Trump

Cartoon: Media melts down over Donald Trump
Great cartoon from the fantastic A.F. Branco at Legal Insurrection. The Liberal media has its panties in a twist over this week’s press conference at The White House. Maybe their Trump Derangement Syndrome explains all of the fake news latetly?

For more A.F.Branco cartoons at Legal Insurrection click here

Senator Ted Cruz Suggests John Bolton as New Trump NSA

Last weekend, National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was forced to resign over doing something similar previous administrations have done.

Yesterday, CNN caught up with Senator Ted Cruz and asked him who he thinks would be a good candidate to replace President Trump’s now former NSA advisor Michael Flynn.

IMHO, Ambassador Bolton would be a terrific choice. What do you think?

CNN Tweets Out Video Mocking President Trump

This from the network known for spreading fake news. No bias here, move along…


CNN tweeted out a video on Thursday night mocking President Donald Trump, editing clips of his press briefing earlier that day to make him look like the conductor of a symphony.

“Turn your sound up and watch President Trump conduct an amazing symphony — er, press conference,” CNN tweeted from it’s official account.

The video, reported Friday by Mediaite, shows Trump’s words being muted and music playing in the background as a way to mock him for his hand gestures when he speaks in public settings.