Remembering Sean Taylor (Video) #RIP21

Today, November 27, 2017 is the 10th anniversary of Sean Taylor’s death.

Here is a terrific, emotional video from Sunday’s NFL Countdown on the brilliant but short career of the Redskins star safety who was gunned down in his home.  See also this link of Coach Joe Gibbs talking about how Sean Taylor had evolved as a man prior to his untimely death.

Joe Gibbs Speaks About Sean Taylor’s Death #RIP21

Today, November 27, 2017 is the 10th anniversary of Sean Taylor’s death. I’ve been thinking a lot about this video Coach Joe Gibbs put out the week of Sean Taylor’s death titled ‘Knowing God Personally’, which I have posted before.

Watch Tony Romo’s Hilarious New Google Home Commercial

As a former Washington Redskins fan, because Tony Romo was the Dallas Cowboys QB, I hated everything the man stood for.

Now, months removed from his final NFL season and enjoying a resurgence as the No. 1 analyst for CBS Sports, Romo is enjoying life. He really is great in the booth and much better than Phil Simms.

His joy is very evident in a new hilarious three-minute, behind-the-scenes video for the new Google Home Mini as it shows what the 14-year QB’s life is like now that he doesn’t need to go to practice anymore. One of the most hilarious parts is Tony Romo attempting to learn the dance moves of today’s players with recording artist and dancer Teyana Taylor who’s first single released several years back was titled “Google Me”.


John Larroquette on SNL

Quote of the Day – John Larroquette

If 50 percent of your career is not filled with failure, you’re not really successful.” – John Larroquette (b: November 25)

CNN Newsroom

Why Won’t CNN Report About These Democratic Party Sex Scandals?

The CNN network has turned so anti-Trump, it has become unwatchable. Case in point – while the alleged Roy Moore sexual abuse allegations deserve TV time and pixels, why hasn’t the pro-Hillary network CNN reported on these 24 recent sex scandals involving Democrats? 19 of them occurred within the last month.

Watch Ronald Reagan’s Thanksgiving Message to the Armed Forces

I always get asked about my fascination with Ronald Reagan. Conservatives LOVE President Reagan because he was was a terrific leader, a great communicator, and his vision for the United States was always one of optimism.

All of that is on display in this taped message from ‘The Great Communicator’ to the troops on Thanksgiving in 1986. I remember seeing this on Thanksgiving while stationed in Japan. This is really well done.

Happy Thanksgiving 2017! (Video)

On behalf of my family, here’s to a happy, blessed, and peaceful Thanksgiving holiday to all of our family and friends.

May your day be filled with praise, and with family, football, fun, fellowship, and feasting as well.

In honor of Thanksgiving, here’s one of my favorite TV Thanksgiving-themed episodes ever – WKRP in Cincinnati ‘Turkeys Away’.

“The Pinedale Shopping Mall has just been bombed with live turkeys – film at 11.” LOL!

“As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.” LOL!

Enjoy & Happy Thanksgiving!