Wow. This takes media bias to a whole new level as the New York Times runs interference on the scandal over her private email server. Click the link above to read more about it.

Ted Cruz Gets Bad Lip Reading Treatment (Video)

Love the Bad Lip Reading channel. I also like Senator Ted Cruz but, this is REALLY funny. Enjoy!

Chris Christie Looks Troubled Behind Donald Trump #SuperTuesday

IMHO, Governor Chris Christie’s facial expressions won the night on Super Tuesday. From his facial expressions last night during Donald Trump’s ‘victory’ speech in Florida, it looks like he might be rethinking this whole endorsement thing.

Great read at the Federalist that explains why so many young people (millennials) find socialism appealing these days. As the post points out, millennials little idea what socialism has meant for countries in the modern world. Click this link to read it. Well worth a couple of minutes.

John Schindler, writing in the New York Observer, explains why Hillary Clinton’s EmailGate is a HUGE issue. It’s a great read. Click this link to read it.

How much do we really know about Donald Trump?

Via The Resurgent, a very effective video from Our Principles PAC, which uses Donald Trump in his own words. The video is being cut into commercials.

Visit this link for more.