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Ready Player One – A Short Film Review (Video)

Today, I took my son and a friend of his to see the new Steven Spielberg movie ‘Ready Player One’ – a visionary adaptation of Ernest Cline’s beloved sci-fi novel ‘Ready Player One: A Novel’ which is set in a dystopian future ruled by elaborate virtual reality.


Remy Shows Cardi B Where Her Taxes Go (Video)

Via Reason TV, after singer Cardi B launched an anti-taxation tirade against Uncle Sam on Instagram, fellow Libertarian and Washington, D.C. native Remy took on the challenge of explaining what’s happening with all her money.


Fitbit Versa vs Apple Watch (Video)

Having first bought into the Apple Watch a few years ago, I have recently switched back to Fitbit. Now, Fitbit has come out with a new $200 Fitbit Versa smartwatch which  is taking aim at the entry-level Apple Watch.