Via Powerline’s Week in Pictures, another great cartoon from the fantastic A.F. Branco at Legal Insurrection. In this cartoon, Branco takes a shot at the DNC. Will the DNC play ball with Bernie Sanders in 2020? (more…)

Nicolle Wallace Admits She’s Biased on MSNBC

Nicolle Wallace, who reports the news daily on MSNBC MSNDC, and who once worked for President George W. Bush and John McCain, admits she’d openly vote for Socialist Bernie Sanders. News anchors should be objective, not biased.

This is not objective. This is media bias. See more posts on media bias here.

Bernie Sanders Calls for Elimination of Private Health Insurance

On MSNBC MSDNC, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) called for the elimination of private health insurance and to “get rid of the insurance companies” while defending his “Medicare for All” proposal. (more…)

Michael Scott as 2020 Democratic Candidates

Via WFB, here’s a viral video of a SUPERCut of quotes from the Office’s Michael Scott that best exemplify each of the leading 2020 Democratic nominees. (more…)

New York Democrats LOVE the GOP Tax Plan (Video)

At the Daily Wire, in the latest episode of “Ami On The Loose,” Ami Horowitz asks: What if Democrats thought that the Republican tax plan was actually a Bernie Sanders plan?”

So Ami sets out on the street of NYC to ask that question of Democrats.

GWU Students LOVE Donald Trump’s Tax Plan – When Told It’s Bernie’s

Via Campus Reform, recently, President Donald Trump released his proposal for comprehensive tax reform which was almost immediately shot down by his political opponents.

However, using the Trump tax plan, when George Washington University students were asked what they thought of Senator Bernie Sander’s plan, they thought the plan was terrific.

Bernie Sanders Calls on Supporters to ‘Stand Up & Fight Back’

Senator Bernie Sanders, speaking at a Ben Jealous for Governor event in Maryland, apparently missed the memo on toning down political rhetoric in wake of one of his own supporters shooting at and nearly killing GOP Congressmen. He urges his Maryland supporters to ‘Stand up & fight back’ in support of Ben Jealous.