Jennifer Rubin Politicizes Coronavirus Pandemic

The fake Washington Post ‘Conservative’ Jennifer Rubin wishes death to Republicans because of coronavirus. Viruses don’t play politics. She is such a garbage human being. Continue reading “Jennifer Rubin Politicizes Coronavirus Pandemic”

LA Times Reporter Triggered By Trump’s USA Hat

At Saturday’s press conference on the Coronavirus epidemic, LA Times reporter Chris Megerian became triggered by the site of Trump wearing a hat with USA emblazoned on it.

You can see more posts on media bias here.

Video: When the Media Called COVID-19 ‘Chinese Coronavirus’

The media has been hammering President Trump for calling the Coronavirus a ‘foreign virus’ saying it smacks of xenophobia. They used to call it a similar name before becoming woke after Chinese propaganda said they were outraged.

The Great Toilet Paper Pandemic of 2020

Via Powerline’s Week in Pictures, here’s a great collection of toilet paper memes thanks to the media-induced Coronavirus panic.

This is my favorite:

The Media-Induced Coronavirus Panic Is Worse Than The Disease

Great read at Issues & Insights on the irresponsible way the media is reporting the Coronavirus. This irresponsibility is leading to panic buying at the grocery stores and potentially economic devastation. All in the name of ad revenue.

Did Coronavirus Outbreak Start in a Chinese Lab?

Two Chinese scholars have penned a report on the current Coronavirus outbreak and claim the outbreak likely started in a Chinese government lab about 300 yards from a local Wuhan, China market. This is an interesting theory.

Exit Question: Is this the start of germ warfare among nations?