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After this disastrous MSDNC appearance, the Clinton News Network (CNN) tried to help out Gary Johnson on Sunday and he failed again at naming a foreign leader he admires.

Via Mediaite

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson had four days to think about it, but he still couldn’t name a foreign leader he admired.

And that New York Times bombshell published Saturday about Trump’s tax returns? Nope. Not ringing a bell either.

Johnson, who is currently the favored third-party candidate in national polls (hovering just over 7% according to the RCP average), spoke to CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield on NewsRoom Sunday. Whitfield gamely offered Johnson an opportunity to redeem himself following a series of gaffes in which the candidate blanked on the meaning of “Aleppo,” the war-torn Syrian city, and was unable to name a single foreign leader he admired.

But when quizzed on subjects of global affairs and the most pressing recent news in the presidential election, the former governor seemed not to have been fully briefed.

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