Via WHD, excellent analysis by Keith Koffler on the decision by former Massachusetts Governor William Weld to challenge Donald Trump for the 2020 GOP nomination.

A great piece at from S.E. Cupp. She has penned an open letter to GOP candidates which is absolutely brilliant on solving the GOP’s Donald Trump issue.

Click this link to read the piece. It is well worth a couple of minutes.

Jeb Bush – Leading the GOP Field by 10 Points?

Would Jeb Bush, a potential third Bush member of the family in the White House. be any better than the first two? I don’t think so. What say you? Next closest is Chris Christie 10 points behind.


MSNBC’s Alex Wagner Claims All Republicans Are Racist (Video)

Alex Wagner, doing what MSNBC does best, race baits during a segment on her show. Apparently, she didn’t get the memo from Richard Wolfe.

Via Truth Revolt

As John Stanton reports according to one southern Republican lawmaker, the reason the party has had such a hard time doing anything on immigration reform is because “it’s racial. if you go to town halls, people say things like ‘these people have a different culture than we do’, and that’s code for race.” …

Sam Stein, one would hope we have moved past the question of alligator-filled moats but it is a fair point that John Stanton brought up that what’s driving division over immigration reform is the base itself, which makes tackling it that much harder. John Boehner came out and excoriated outside groups over the last spending bill in the fall…and seemed to maybe be putting those demons in a box. But this is very much the heart and soul of the Republican party, this argument.

Michael Ramirez, the Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist from Investor’s Business Daily shows what the GOP asked Santa Claus for Christmas in advance of the 2014 mid-term elections. IMHO, he NAILS it here. What do you think?

If you like political cartoons, be sure to check Michael Ramirez’s work in his book titled ‘Everyone Has the Right to My Opinion.’ It’s awesome.

How to Make ObamaCare Obsolete


Great read at American Thinker from Paul Shlichta on how the GOP is falling into a trap over ObamaCare from the Democrats. Paul has some solutions for the GOP on how to get out of it. Click this link to read it.

(H/T Anna)

Chris ‘Tingles’ Matthews Smears GOP Over Voting Laws (Video)

Via Newsbusters, Chris Matthews, a former Democratic party operative (a.k.a. the Jim Crow & KKK party), on Tuesday’s Hardball had the audacity to claim that the GOP, through voting legislation:

“…spent months in every state legislative capital trying to keep black people and poor people from voting or young people.”

No Chris, what the GOP was doing was trying to prevent incidents like this one that happened in Virginia during the last Presidential election. I live in Alexandria and early voted in the last Presidential election. I then went to the polls and was given a chance to vote again until I politely told the poll worker that I had already voted.

So no Tingles, the GOP is simply trying to make the voting system fair – one person, one vote.