The Hypocrisy of Time’s Up Exposed on MSNBC

Time’s UP CEO Tina Tchen, whose organization insists upon a world where everyone is safe and respected at work, went on MSNBC to praise Joe Biden and his response to sexual assault allegations against him. After all, Joe Biden is fairly ‘hands-on’ when it comes to women of all agesContinue reading “The Hypocrisy of Time’s Up Exposed on MSNBC”

Jennifer Rubin Politicizes Coronavirus Pandemic

The fake Washington Post ‘Conservative’ Jennifer Rubin wishes death to Republicans because of coronavirus. Viruses don’t play politics. She is such a garbage human being. Continue reading “Jennifer Rubin Politicizes Coronavirus Pandemic”

The Thrill is Gone: The Best of Chris Matthews (Video)

Via WFB, here’s a look back at the MSNBC career of host Chris Matthews, who stepped down this week. See this Daily Show SUPERcut as well.

Nicolle Wallace Admits She’s Biased on MSNBC

Nicolle Wallace, who reports the news daily on MSNBC MSNDC, and who once worked for President George W. Bush and John McCain, admits she’d openly vote for Socialist Bernie Sanders. News anchors should be objective, not biased.

This is not objective. This is media bias. See more posts on media bias here.

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Calls for Donald Trump Impeachment

Via Newsbusters, Joe Scarborough, who brown-nosed president Trump in the lead up to the 2016 election, says because of Robert Mueller’s report, Trump deserves impeachment. This call for impeachment is made in the face of a lack of actionable evidence.

Joe Scarborough is a ‘dime-store’ Conservative who sold his soul to Liberalism (after all, ‘Morning Joe’ is on the most partisan news network.).

Lying Brian Williams Smears AG William Barr (Video)

Via Newsbusters, awaiting the release of the Mueller Report on MSNBC, disgraced journalist Brian Williams took time to smear the Attorney General as ‘Baghdad Bill’. Given Brian Williams’ history, this is quite odd.

You can see more examples of media bias here.

Bernie Sanders Calls for Elimination of Private Health Insurance

On MSNBC MSDNC, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) called for the elimination of private health insurance and to “get rid of the insurance companies” while defending his “Medicare for All” proposal. Continue reading “Bernie Sanders Calls for Elimination of Private Health Insurance”