‘Inside These Lines’ – NFL to Re-Air TV Ad Promoting Unity (Video)

This one-minute TV spot from the NFL called “Inside These Lines,” will be shown during the Sunday night game between the Oakland Raiders and Washington Redskins. The spot first aired during last year’s Super Bowl and is being re-aired tonight in light of President Trump’s comments this weekend.

Navy Admiral Burns Colin Kaepernick in Pearl Harbor Speech

ICYMI, yesterday was the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

During yesterday’s Pearl Harbor anniversary commemoration, the Commander of the U.S. Pacific Command, Admiral Harry Harris, burned Colin Kaepernick during his remarks about the National Anthem.

This is awesome. While he doesn’t actually name Mr. Kaepernick in his remarks, everyone can tell who he is talking about. Made me stand up and clap just like the ovation the Admiral received at the event.

Well done sir!

Capitals & Penguins Fans Help Out National Anthem Singer

Before last night’s Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Washington Capitals game, National Anthem singer Caleb Green’s mic didn’t work and the Verizon Center crowd helped him out.

This is pretty cool.

Players, like Colin Kaepernick, showing disrespect for the U.S. flag and the National Anthem are not playing well in American living rooms and the NFL is feeling the heat already after week 1 of the 2016 schedule. As a veteran, I have stopped watching NFL games and will stop going to Washington Redskins games if one of the players partakes in this protest.

Via Forbes

The National Football League will rake in roughly $4.6 billion in television fees from CBS CBS -0.86%, ESPN , NBC, Fox and DirecTV that it will equally share with its 32 teams this year. The NFL commands such a rich bounty because advertisers pay up for football’s huge ratings.

The television money is a big reason why the average NFL team is worth $2.34 billion.

But the National Anthem protests that began with San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick and has since been copied by other players has angered many fans. And that anger may be one reason why the television ratings for the first week of NFL games were bad. As my colleague Brandon Katz wrote: “Both CBS’ Sunday afternoon game and NBC’s Sunday Night Football saw their lowest ratings in seven years. Throw in last night’s lackluster debut and the 2016 NFL season is off to its slowest start in recent memory in terms of TV ratings.”

Following the Forbes article, Ed Morrissey of HotAir.com summized in his story: “When sports becomes another politicized arena for multi-millionaires to lecture the fans that provide their celebrity lifestyle, it comes as no surprise that the fans will get turned off — and turn the channel.”

Maybe. Maybe not. It is too early to tell if the first week was a blip or a trend in NFL ratings. But the reason I think ratings could remain low if the protests continue through much of the league are the comments I have been reading on the aforementioned articles, as well as others (take a look for yourself).

Lots of people are ticked. Two new polls show a majority of people disagree with Kaepernick’s protest. True, the protesters have some notable supporters., like President Obama and Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown. And who knows what the real score is in the viewership game? But I cannot believe that each viewer lost by the league is replaced by someone who wasn’t watching an NFL broadcast but tuned in for the protest.

Read more online.

South Park Solves the Kaepernick National Anthem Problem

Love South Park’s take on this.

On the show, Colin Kaepernick’s protest spreads from the NFL to elementary school sports. This was a hilarious look at the over-the-top media coverage the kneeling protest has received rather than the actual message and conversation he’s trying to promote.

The full South Park episode is available at this link.

‘J.J. Abrams has fixed America!’

The NFL is walking a fine line on these National Anthem protests which was started by Colin Kaepernick. The ratings for week 1 show it. IMHO, politics should be kept OUT of sports and, from a veterans perspective, kudos to coaches who say they’ll bench players.

Good read from Ed Morrissey at the link above.

ESPN’s Kevin Blackistone Calls National Anthem a ‘War’ Anthem (Video)

Liberals REALLY hate patriotism don’t they?

I have no problem with this discussion here about this promotion from Under Armour for the Wounded Warrior Project except for the part where Mr. Blackistone calls the National Anthem a ‘War’ Anthem and that it should not be played before games.

My take on the whole issue about the uniforms is that has there NEVER been any blood splatter on a football uniform before?? Of course there has.

(Video via Truth Revolt)